Bath Half Marathon 2017

March 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

BathHalf2017. Beata Cosgrove Photography_0658BathHalf2017. Beata Cosgrove Photography_0658

One of my favourite events to attend locally is the Bath Half Marathon. 2017's was the best-attended ever, with so many taking part that the organisers ran out of medals for the finishers! It provides a great opportunity for photographers, as long as you follow two golden rules:

  1. Get there early
  2. Choose a good vantage point

Both the family fun run (above) and the full half marathon attract runners working on behalf of a range of good causes such as Marie Curie (below). 

BathHalf2017. Beata Cosgrove Photography_0523BathHalf2017. Beata Cosgrove Photography_0523

Many photographers stay for the whole event, but for me, the best pictures are in the early stages, with runners still in good spirits (below) and expectations high!

BathHalf2017. Beata Cosgrove Photography_0611BathHalf2017. Beata Cosgrove Photography_0611

Will definitely be back in 2018!



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