Christening photography in Bath

March 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Christening photo shoot at St John's Catholic Church, Bath

I was delighted to be asked to photograph this christening at the weekend in one of Bath's most beautiful Victorian churches: St John's. 

9.Chrzest.Bath.19.3.2017.Beata Cosgrove Photography9.Chrzest.Bath.19.3.2017.Beata Cosgrove Photography

The building is a pleasure to work in with its sombre colours, elegant lines and soaring Gothic arches, but it also has good levels of natural light, enabling me to work unobtrusively during the service without flash and still capture natural vibrant colours. 

4.Chrzest.Bath.19.3.2017.Beata Cosgrove Photography4.Chrzest.Bath.19.3.2017.Beata Cosgrove Photography Having said that, I was glad to have my Profoto B1 off camera lights and softbox to capture some group shots after the ceremony itself, and these were actually taken in the darkest part of the church at the west end.

7.Chrzest.Bath.19.3.2017.Beata Cosgrove Photography7.Chrzest.Bath.19.3.2017.Beata Cosgrove Photography I love the colours in this shot of the west door - the deep reddish brown of the door, and the complementary shades of blue in the clothes. I think they'd planned and co-ordinated their outfits!

5.Chrzest.Bath.19.3.2017.Beata Cosgrove Photography5.Chrzest.Bath.19.3.2017.Beata Cosgrove Photography

Anyway, the event was a real pleasure to photograph. 


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