Diluki Kevitiyagala. Maria Ivory. Emma Reed. Katherine Long. Eleanor Mears.Ping Coombes and Chris Staines event.8.10.15. Beata Cosgrove PhotographyBeata Cosgrove PhotographyRed Sail Gallery event. Graham Binns. Stephanie Hill. 8.5.15. Beata Cosgrove PhotographyHandelsbanken. Val Newman. John Candy. 16.6.2015. Beata Cosgrove PhotographyWan Ping Coombes. Chris Staines.Ping Coombes and Chris Staines event.8.10.15. Beata Cosgrove PhotographyLush Spa Bath event. Face Mask. 28.5.15. Beata Cosgrove PhotographyLush Spa Bath event.Feet. 28.5.15. Beata Cosgrove PhotographyCleveland Pools event. 22.5.2015. Beata Cosgrove PhotographyProperty event. Michael Blowers_Richard Waters_Andrew Standen McDougal. Beata Cosgrove PhotograpyMagpie & Bear event. 23.4.2015. Karen Keenan & Sophie Bardsley. Beata Cosgrove PhotographyEvents.Beata Cosgrove PhotographyMagpie & Bear event. Beata Cosgrove PhotographyRiparian House event. Beata Cosgrove PhotographyAndroulla Karanicola. Zoe Tainton. Samantha Walker.Beata Cosgrove Photography.30.09.2016._163009_5968Amanda Jones. Hannah Cordell.Beata Cosgrove Photography.30.09.2016._163009_5941Robin Oetley. Andrew Summers. Emma Summers. Val Summers. Jim Summers.Beata Cosgrove Photography.30.09.2016._163009_58681st back-Jenny Milsom. Anne -Marie Rose (1st front). Mandy Barrett ( white top). Catherine Moule ( red)Stephanie and Ana Carvalho.Bath Boules. Beata Cosgrove Photography 15.9.2016Talk.Greg Ingham. Beata Cosgrove PhotographyRichard Hall.Jo Common.Paul Crossley. Beata Cosgrove Photography. Beata Cosgrove Photography