Welcome to the gallery of Beata Cosgrove Photography, official photographers for the 2023 Jane Austen Festival in Bath.
Here you will find photos from the 2023 Festival, arranged by date and event, for sale as downloads and prints.
Croquet Game 12.9.2023.DSC_5278Croquet Game 12.9.2023.DSC_1727Croquet Game 12.9.2023.DSC_1736Croquet Game 12.9.2023.DSC_1684Croquet Game 12.9.2023.DSC_1721Croquet Game 12.9.2023.DSC_1714Croquet Game 12.9.2023.DSC_5306Croquet Game 12.9.2023.DSC_1705Croquet Game 12.9.2023.DSC_1738Croquet Game 12.9.2023.DSC_1743Croquet Game 12.9.2023.DSC_1645Croquet Game 12.9.2023.DSC_1644Croquet Game 12.9.2023.DSC_1656Croquet Game 12.9.2023.DSC_1666Croquet Game 12.9.2023.DSC_1650Croquet Game 12.9.2023.DSC_1737Croquet Game 12.9.2023.DSC_1758Croquet Game 12.9.2023.DSC_1772Croquet Game 12.9.2023.DSC_1752Croquet Game 12.9.2023.DSC_1742