Welcome to the gallery of Beata Cosgrove Photography, official photographers for the 2023 Jane Austen Festival in Bath.
Here you will find photos from the 2023 Festival, arranged by date and event, for sale as downloads and prints.
Regency dance workshop.DSC_0678Regency dance workshop.DSC_0785Regency dance workshop.DSC_0665Regency dance workshop.DSC_0702Regency dance workshop.DSC_0696Regency dance workshop.DSC_0666Regency dance workshop.DSC_0667Regency dance workshop.DSC_0669Regency dance workshop.DSC_0740Regency dance workshop.DSC_0671Regency dance workshop.DSC_0672Regency dance workshop.DSC_0673Regency dance workshop.DSC_0675Regency dance workshop.DSC_0676Regency dance workshop.DSC_0677Regency dance workshop.DSC_0680Regency dance workshop.DSC_0683Regency dance workshop.DSC_0703Regency dance workshop.DSC_0685Regency dance workshop.DSC_0686