Are your photos in RAW or JPEG mode? And what's the difference?

Like probably all professional photographers, Beata takes photos in RAW format (best for enhancing the photos), and not in JPEG mode. This enables her to get the best image quality once the photos are uploaded to a computer and edited. The edited versions, made available to clients, will then be in JPEG format (best for viewing the photos).

By way of explanation, photos taken in JPEG mode (such as those taken on mobile phones) have to be compressed in camera, which leads to substantial loss of information and lower image quality. This is why all images taken by Beata Cosgrove Photography will be captured in RAW mode, and subsequently converted to JPEG, in order to produce the highest possible image quality. 


What sort of edits will be done?

Every single image taken by Beata Cosgrove Photography will be edited in Photoshop, in order to enhance several characteristics of the photo, including

  • composition and cropping
  • sharpness
  • tones and colour temperature


So can you use Photoshop to add in glowing sunsets, make me look slimmer and remove unsightly cars parked in the background of my photos?

While in theory all things things can be painstakingly done in Photoshop, it is an aim of Beata Cosgrove Photography to portray the world as it is, rather than an airbrushed and idealised version of it. For this reason, no image editing will be undertaken which aims to alter reality (e.g. removing double yellow parking lines or pasting in a more colourful sky).

It may be possible to improve skin marks and tones using Photoshop, and a small additional charge will be applied for this. Please advise if you would like this to be done with your images. 


Do you take colour or black-and-white photos?

All images are captured by the camera in colour (in RAW mode, as described above). Clients are asked to let Beata Cosgrove Photography know if they would like any images in black-and-white before the editing stage. You can select an approximate proportion of images to be in black-and-white, e.g. 75% colour and 25% black-and-white. Beata will then select at the editing stage which images will work best in black-and-white (if requested). Many images work more effectively in black-and-white, in particular interiors of buildings such as churches, where many different sources of light are used within the same space. The human eye copes with these discrepancies better than even top-notch cameras can, and converting photos to black-and-white can be an effective way to deal with less than ideal lighting conditions.  

Is it possible for me to see all the pictures you have taken, and then for me to choose which ones I would like?

Only edited photographs in JPEG format can be uploaded on It is more practical and easier on the client for Beata to select images for them. Because of the sheer time required to edit each photograph individually, it is not viable for all photos take at a wedding (which could easily be over 1,000) to be edited in order for the client to select 100 from these.


Can I get more photos from my wedding / party / portrait shoot than the amount initially agreed?

It is always possible for customers to request additional photographs over and above the amount supplied. Once the quantity of additional images and fee have been agreed, Beata will edit and supply the additional images.